Dr Melissa Luckensmeyer is one of Brisbane’s most respected female fertility doctors in Brisbane with a caring approach that puts you first.

Melissa is experienced in diagnosing and treating a diverse range of fertility issues to help women achieve successful pregnancies. She knows that treating infertility encompasses much more than just medical treatment. That’s why she takes a comprehensive investigative approach and explores all possibilities to help couples enhance their natural chances of conception. If needed, she then develops a personalised medical treatment plan using the very latest scientific advancements in partnership with QFG, Queensland’s leading fertility provider.

A mother of three children herself, Melissa is very aware of the frustrations and emotions that can sometimes accompany the road to parenthood. Her patients value her empathy, her genuine sensitivity, and the way she takes the time to listen, answer questions and discuss any issues. It’s her calm nature and gentle, unhurried approach that puts couples at ease at every appointment. Melissa welcomes all patients at her practice with warmth and respect.

Continuity of Care from Conception to Birth

Melissa is one of only a few female Fertility Specialists who also provides obstetric care in Brisbane. This means she can support and care for you at every stage of your fertility and pregnancy journey.

Dr Melissa Luckensmeyer is a Senior Fertility Specialist with Queensland Fertility Group, part of Australia’s leading group of Fertility Specialists.

Melissa’s established partnership with Queensland Fertility Group (QFG) gives her access to the most advanced fertility research, science and treatment options available in Australia.

IVF Success Rates

QFG is responsible for Queensland’s first IVF baby in 1984. Along with their partner clinics in Victoria and New South Wales, QFG has one of the highest IVF success rates in the world, and has achieved more IVF births than any other fertility group in Australia.
There are many factors that may affect your fertility. The first person you should talk to is your GP, who may then refer you to Melissa for a more thorough medical investigation.
The costs involved will depend entirely upon your individual circumstances, diagnosis and specific treatment plan. The costs will also depend on your private health cover rebate and whether you are eligible and registered for the Medicare Safety Net. We will discuss the estimated costs with you before you commence any treatment.
Please bring a referral letter with both your name and your partner’s, or two referral letters if you have different GPs. Please also bring any blood results and scan reports ordered by your GP, along with your Medicare Card and Health Fund details.

We will ask you to complete a Patient Information Sheet when you arrive, or you can download one here if you’d prefer to complete this before your appointment.

Yes. Melissa welcomes every patient with the same level of respect, empathy and warmth.

Melissa knows that falling pregnant isn’t always easy. One of only a few female Fertility Specialists in Brisbane who is also an Obstetrician, Melissa combines her proven specialist experience with a gentle, caring approach to help couples achieve their pregnancy dreams.

Why Can’t I Get Pregnant?

Causes of infertility are varied and may involve both male or female factors, or a combination of both. If you are over 35 and have been trying to conceive for 6 months or more, or are under 35 and have been trying to conceive for 12 months or more, it is recommended that you book a fertility consultation with Melissa to find out why.

What Are My Treatment Options?

Treating infertility encompasses much more than just medical treatment. Melissa will conduct a thorough examination and will review many factors that may be impacting on your chance at conceiving. She will explore all options available to help you conceive naturally, before recommending any advanced treatments.

IVF & ART Treatments

Assisted Reproductive Treatment (ART) and In Vitro Fertilisation (IVF) are techniques that cover a wide spectrum of treatments to achieve a successful pregnancy. Melissa will tailor a fertility treatment plan specific to your individual circumstances, ensuring you feel comfortable with the process and have all your questions answered.

Melissa knows that falling pregnant isn’t always easy. One of only a few female Fertility Specialists in Brisbane who is also an Obstetrician, Melissa explores all possibilities to help a couple enhance their natural chances of conception, before advising more advanced treatments.